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Innovation the cornerstone of auto parts

 The annual two of the country has been opened, two sessions of 2011 coincided with the summary of the Eleventh Five-Year Outlook Twelfth Five key node, so in 2011 during the two sessions on the auto parts industry bigger and stronger, rose from the quantitative to qualitative change in the topic naturally will be less.

The main theme of the 12th Five-Year Plan in the automotive industry is to be done, and stronger core or to have the core technology, the core competitiveness, strengthen independent innovation. At present, the progress of the innovation of the vehicle, you can use the existing foreign platform to develop new products and platform development is weak. Independent innovation of auto parts has been ignored, and self-brand parts industry had already been marginalized, perhaps not many auto parts manufacturers in two sessions on behalf of the calendar year two sessions to hear the small talk of in this regard.
Commerce Department data show that foreign control of the vast majority of market share of auto parts, domestic parts sales revenue accounted for only 20% -25% of the entire industry, auto parts manufacturers have foreign background accounted for more than 75 percent of the industry as a whole owned enterprises, these foreign suppliers accounted for 55%, Sino-foreign joint ventures accounted for 45% local parts are mainly used in self-brand cars, low market share.
In the field of high-tech automotive electronics and engine parts, foreign market share up to 90%, the car's fuel injection system, engine management systems, ABS and airbags, automatic transmission and other core components of the production, foreign accounting for the proportion of 100%, 100% and 91%, 69%, respectively.
Relative to the longer cycle of vehicles, parts investment, higher capital threshold, operational risk is greater today, the plight of China's auto parts lack of core technology is still evident. Domestic auto parts enterprises, but most of them concentrated in the less technological content, low level of profits the low end, prices are almost the only means of competition in China's enterprises. In this way, the parts industry has gradually become China's auto industry one step past the ridge, seriously restricting the implementation of the strategy of China's automobile power.
Auto auto parts industry to seize the opportunity to promote the automobile industry from the cultivation of automotive consumer market, promote the restructuring of the automotive industry, to support enterprises in independent innovation, technological innovation, to develop new energy vehicles, develop its own brand, expanding exports and the development of modern automotive service industry adjustment and revitalization.
12th Five-Year Plan for the development direction of China's auto parts, auto parts is one of the four development priorities, the key question is to improve the capability of independent innovation, to achieve breakthroughs in key assembly technology and electronics technology. New energy vehicles will be driven by batteries, motors, etc., represented by the development of new energy parts. The automotive industry group formed parts industry will be to bring the re-adjustment of pressure, must achieve economies of scale. Low value-added exports will face greater trade friction, the need for industrial restructuring.

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